Shri Guru Ravidas Ji
       The tremendous impact made by Guru Ravidass ji on the ritual-oriented and class-ridden society is evident from the reverence with which contemporary and subsequent spiritual teachers refer to him.  Among those who respectfully to Guru Ravidass ji are such Saints and devotees as Kabir, Guru Nanak, Ekanath, Haridas, Dadu, Tukaram, Dayabai, Paltu, Sevadas, Sundardas and Darshandas.
       As Nabhadas puts it in his Bhaktamal:

So Purifying is Guru Ravidass.
That the dust of his Holy Feet is worshipped by all,
Discarding the pride of castes and stations in life;
And his blameless words are efficacious
In cutting knots of doubt.

       Guru Ravidass ji visited North India twice during his pilgrimages. For the first time, Guru Ravidass ji met Guru Nanak Dev ji  was in 'Chuharkana' now known as 'Nankana Sahib'.  Where Guru Ravidass ji along with four other Saints were served with meals worth twenty rupees, given to Guru Nanak Dev ji by his father, Shri Mehta Kalu ji, for the purpose of investing it in a truthful business (Sacha Soda). Guru Ravidass ji was so pleased with the humility showed by Guru Nanak Dev ji towards the Saints that Guru Ravidass ji Initiated Guru Nanak Dev ji into the secrets of  'NAM' (Sacha Soda) by bestowing the Mool Mantar shabad, and Said  to Guru Nanak Dev ji, that through devotion to it, you will gain everything. In an INITIATION CEREMONY, the Initiator  becomes the 'GURU' and  the person to be initiated  becomes his 'DISCIPLE'.
       During Guru Ravidass ji's second visit to the Punjab, Guruji met Guru Nanak Dev ji at SANT GHAT of Kali Bein (rivulet) in Sultanpur Lodhi, District Kapurthala, in a mammoth Sant Samagam held for three days.
       Guru Ravidass ji travelled quite widely, as his poems indicate a good knowledge of Hindi, Urdu, Persian and many regional languages of India.  Guruji's followers are found in many states of India such as Uttar Pardesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra.
       Guru Nanak Dev ji, was born in 1469 A.D. and started his extensive travel at the age of 26 (1495 A.D.).  By this time Guru Ravidass ji's fame had already reached the Punjab and Guru Ravidass ji's verses had gained popularity, as Guru Nanak Dev ji used to sing the verses of Guru Ravidass ji.
       Guru Nanak Dev ji met Guru Ravidass Ji, for the third time, at "GURU KA BAGH" temple in Banaras in 1498 A.D.  At this meeting Guru Nanak Dev ji asked Guru Ravidass ji to bless the Punjab earth and bestow the flavour of 'NAM' on the people of the Punjab so that they can also live in peace and harmony in a casteless and classless society. Guru Ravidass ji fulfilled Guru Nanak Dev ji's request by donating old manuscripts, which contained a collection of Guru Ravidass ji's verses and poems.

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