Shri Guru Ravidas Ji
Guru Ravidass ji, the humble one, tells the Truth.
Reflecting on the True Knowledge,
Let thou fix thy mind in the Holy Feet of the Lord
And let thou take shelter under Him.

They (priests) pluck leaves and perform worship,
And call the idol the One who takes men across the ocean of the World.
If God resides in the Idol. Then they say, it should surely float on water.

       On another occasion, the Brahmins of Kanshi approached King Nagar Mal with a request to prevent this lowly born Shudra from worshipping God.  In the court of the King, Guru Ravidass ji was challenged to explain the outrageous presumption of offering devotion to God while only a cobbler by birth.  Guru Ravidass ji humbly explained that CASTE AND CREED are MAN-MADE distinctions that constitute NO-BARRIERS in offering devotion to God.  At last the King left the decision to God Himself.
       An image of God was placed in the middle of the Royal court; the Brahmin priests and Guru Ravidass ji were asked by turn to draw the image to them through the power of their devotion.  The priests tried their best to attract the image of God through recitation and chanting, but it was No-avail. When Guru Ravidass ji's turn came, Guruji fervently prayed to God as follows:

Act not in such a way, O my Load,
That my work may go wrong,
And Thou may merely watch,
Sitting at a distance…………
Kanshi is crowded with a multitude of people
Who have come to witness the assembly of devotees;
Keep up or give up Thy reputation of being the Saviour of the poor and the lowly
Prays Guru Ravidass the cobbler.
I have come to Thy shelter, O God of all gods,
Have mercy on me, thinking me Thine own……
With confidence in Thy Name, I have given up hope of others,
My mind finds no comfort in worldly observances,
Accept the service of Guru Ravidass, Thy Slave O Lord,
And manifest Thy Name, the purifier of the fallen ones.

       At this moving prayer, it is said, that the image of God was seen seated in the lap of Guru Ravidass ji. It is added that the Brahmins, boastful of wearing sacred threads, were further humiliated when Guru Ravidass ji tore open the skin on his chest and showed them his gold shining sacred thread (or his Inner Light).   They were dazzled by its intense brightness and were virtually blinded for a few moments. At this point King Nagar Mal was so delighted and convinced with the decision of God Himself, that from thereon he become a disciple of Guru Ravidass ji the cobbler, as well as all the Brahmins that were present at that time, (approx. 18,000).
       Then King Nagar Mal reminded the Brahmins of the condition they had attached to this trial of devotion (with a view to humiliating Guru Ravidass in public) that the defeated party was to carry the victorious person in a Palanquin through the main streets of the city.   In accordance with this condition, the Brahmins had to carry Guru Ravidass ji in a Palanquin through the main streets of Kanshi-Banaras amidst the people's applause for Guru Ravidass ji.

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